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What Can HPCD® Do For You?

  • High Performance Clean Diesel, or HPCD® is highly refined commercial fuel that has superior lubricating, stabilizing and cleansing properties that help protect critical engine components from the risks associated with poor quality, regular ULSD fuel.
  • HPCD® Fuel is proven to have higher combustion efficiency producing more horsepower and/or better MPG while creating less Volatile Organic Compound (VOC™s) than standard ULSD.
  • In addition, HPCD® is the only fuel in the world that is produced from EcoChem™s patent pending, fluid particle refinement processes at the point of sale!
  • High Performance Clean Diesel is more than a fuel; It’s the new final stage of first ever Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA/QC) in the supply chain for fossil fuels.
  • Cleaner fuel performs better
  • World wide fuel charter states 51% of fuel doesn’t meet ISO fuel quality standards
  • HPCD® Fuel meets both ISO and OEM fuel quality standards reducing fuel and maintenance costs
  • HPCD® Fuel is also a high performance fuel with superior combustion properties
  • Superior combustion properties result in high efficiency and lower emissions


  • Because HPCD® Fuel is an ISO and OEM compliant fuel, it practically eliminates fuel system equipment failure
  • More complete combustion creates more power, eliminates early material fatigue and significantly reduces costly and untimely regeneration cycles
  • Less wear metal and soot deposits in crank case oil extends oil and filter life
  • Less damage equates to longer engine life extending the useful life of your fleet
  • Better fuel also burns cleaner
  • National Resource Defense Council states school bus exhaust levels were 23 – 46 times higher than safe
  • By eliminating regular ULSD contaminates and improving its molecular properties, HPCD® is naturally going to achieve a higher combustion efficiency, thereby reducing VOC like; NOX, HC and black smoke — and protecting our natural resources
There is a premium price associated with HPCD®. The premium is always offset by:

  • Cost savings in fuel consumption reductions
  • Annual maintenance expense
  • Eliminate the need for additives (excluding winter blend)
  • Faster Cold Starts
  • Lower Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • Up to 35% More Lubricity than ULSD
  • Averages range between 10% – 15% more horsepower and/or increased MPG
  • Cleans, protects and extends life of vital equipment Parts
  • Stable up to 6X Longer than standard ULSD
  • Reduces Crankcase Contamination
  • Lowers maintenance cost
  • Less Pollution
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A Revolutionary Fuel That Improves Efficiency And Cuts Emissions

Real technology, real savings, real smart!

HPCD® Fuel is made using proprietary processes and technologies to refine, purify and improve ULSD #2 diesel into a superior, high performance clean fuel. HPCD® is a clear champion in fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and protection for your equipment and lower operating costs.

  • Cleans, protects and extends life of vital equipment Parts
  • Up to 35% More Lubricity than ULSD
  • Faster Cold Starts
  • Reduces crank case contaminantes
  • Lower Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • Less pollution
  • Stable up to 6X Longer than standard ULSD
  • Averaging between 10% – 15% better fuel economy
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Every Gallon Of HPCD® Saves You Money And Adds To Your Bottom Line

Just the Facts

  • HPCD® Fuel meets ASTM specifications and EPA regulatory guidelines
  • Multiple field studies have shown 10% or greater increase in fuel efficiency (MPG)
  • Studies show HPCD® to be cleaner burning and better for engines than ULSD #2
  • 35% better lubrication when compared to ULSD
  • Greater horsepower and throttle response due to higher combustion efficiency.
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