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Welcome To High Performance Clean Diesel

  • High Performance Clean Diesel, or HPCD® is a highly refined commercial fuel that has superior lubricating, stabilizing and cleansing properties that protect critical engine components from the risks associated with poor quality, regular ULSD fuel.
  • HPCD® is proven to have higher combustion efficiency producing more horsepower and/or better MPG while creating less Volatile Organic Compound (VOC’s™) than standard ULSD.
  • In addition, HPCD® is the only fuel in the world that is produced from EcoChem’s™ patent pending, fluid particle refinement processes at the point of sale!
  • High Performance Clean Diesel is more than a fuel. It represents the first Quality Assurance & Quality Control measure in the fossil fuel supply chain that is introduced at the point of sale.

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Joshua Koch
Joshua KochFounder
Theresa Gabbard
Theresa GabbardVice President

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