What is The Clean Fuels for Schools Initiative?

The Clean Fuels For Schools initiative (CFFS) is part of a public, private partnership developed to cooperatively assist in the development and integration of “best technology” and adoption of “best practices” to improve Ohio schools energy security, economic stewardship and environmental impact.

The CFFS specifically works with Ohio schools to adopt new “clean” standard for the fuel storage tanks and the use of the new high performance fuels. This program is offered to Ohio Schools with fuel storage and dispensing capability.

Why Schools?

  • Schools usually comprise a large number of buses emitting these harmful emissions while carrying our children.
  • Most bus fleets use a lot of fuel and generally fuel on site and so it is easier to implement upgrades and see an impactful change.
  • Every school that has adopted this clean fuel program has seen ten to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings and hundreds of thousands of pounds less CO2 and NOX emitted from their bus fleets each year.


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EcoChem Alternative Fuels (EAF)
Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP)
Manufacturing Advocacy Growth Network (MAGNET)
Partnership for Regional Innovation Services to Manufactures (PRISM)
Ohio Schools Council (OSC)
Central Ohio Farmers Co-op (COFC)
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