EcoChem Presented Its Patent Pending Technology HPCD And The Clean Fuels For Schools Initiative To
President Barack Obama

CLEVELAND, Ohio March 18, 2015 — EcoChem Alternative Fuels, a Dublin Ohio based company, presented their patent pending technology, High Performance Clean Diesel (HPCD) to President Barack Obama today, courtesy of the Cleveland based company, MAGNET.

President Obama visited the Cleveland Convention Center today to speak of “Middle-Class Economics”, to address his budget proposal, and other topics including the Supply Chain Initiative to help small manufacturers, which he first discussed during the State of the Union address. As part of his planned visit today in Cleveland, President Obama visited MAGNET for a tour of the facility which included a presentation of EcoChem’s HPCD technology and Clean Fuels for Schools Initiative. EcoChem shared with President Obama that they are working with NASA and the Department of Defense, to which Obama wittingly commented “Yeah, we use a lot of fuel”.

Through the Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s (OMEP) relationship with MAGNET, EcoChem has engaged with NASA in a team effort to further develop the HPCD technology leading to a collaboration between national labs, as well as providing Benefits to Ohio Manufacturing and job growth.

The Mission of MAGNET, (The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network), is to support, educate about and champion manufacturing in Northeast Ohio’s economy. MAGNET has been working with EcoChem to finalize the engineering design of the proprietary Clean Diesel processing system. MAGNET’s President and CEO, Dan Barry, commented: “EcoChem is a model of the kind of manufacturing innovation my organization is focused on because it can create more jobs, cost savings and investment for the State and region”.

EcoChem was founded in 2007 by Founder and Chairman, Mr. Joshua Koch, with the purpose of using HPCD to improve the quality of the world’s fossil fuel supply chain with innovative end point refining and dispensing technologies that reduce consumption, save money, and protect the environment. In March of 2014, EcoChem announced the launch of a public-private initiative called the Clean Fuels for Schools Initiative, which is expected to save millions of dollars for Ohio school bus fleets while reducing air pollution. “Clean Fuels for Schools is open to all public schools and could be particularly helpful for struggling schools systems”, Koch said. “This initiative is a benchmark model for educating and assisting fossil fuel consumers in the upgrading of their fuel infrastructure leading to a higher level of sustainability.”

Many Ohio school districts and municipalities are now running HPCD fuel in their fleets as part of the Initiative, including Dublin Municipality, Dublin City Schools, Berea City Schools, Elgin Local, Highland Local, the City of Marion, Marion City Schools, North Ridgeville City Schools, Pleasant Valley Local Schools, Ridgedale Local Schools, River Valley Local Schools, Toledo City Schools etc.

For more information about the Clean Fuels for Schools Initiative or High Performance Clean Diesel, please contact EcoChem’™s Senior Vice President, Theresa Gabbard at 614-943-9737,