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In the future, i plan on reaching out to you for advice and guidance as i try and best represent the people of the 14th Congressional District. I value the work you do in the local community and want to partner so we can accomplish great things together.
David P. Joyce, Member of Congress
I have had the opportunity to review the 18-month City of Dublin diesel fuel summary report prepared by EcoChem Alternative Fuels, covering the period from June, 2011 through the end of the 2012 calendar year. All of the initial data used to prepare this report was supplied by the City of Dublin and was gathered using our fuel tracking software. The data and results included in this report are accurate and the summary is an accurate reflection of various steps that were taken during the 18-month period. The City of Dublin recently renewed our contract with EcoChem for the continued purchase of High Performance Clean Diesel (HPCD). We have been extremely satisfied with the results of the fuel and the associated cost savings. Furthermore, we have found the EcoChem staff to be professional, responsive and focused on continual improvement and innovation.
Michelle L. Crandall, City of Dublin - Director of Administrative Services
I admit I was a complete skeptic when first approached with your “High Performance Clean Diesel” fuel claims of a promised 10% improvement in MPG. After personally testing the fuel and collecting the data, I was surprised and pleased with the outcome of our test that showed an average improvement of over 11+% in MPG among other noticeable benefits. While the 11+% fuel savings was our impetus for choosing HPCD fuel, the biggest benefit we are now realizing is the clean fuel itself. With the old standard diesel fuel, we were having many issues with the regeneration process on our new buses. We were servicing the particulate filters on the buses frequently. When that happens the bus is out of service and it causes all kinds of problems in our daily operations.
Since the change to your clean HPCD fuel, the regeneration issues and the particulate filters have been almost a non-issue, and this is significant to me. Our operation is running more smoothly, downtime has been dramatically reduced, and there are no black smoke issues with the buses.
After a strong recommendation to our Board, we are happy to run our fleet on HPCD fuel and participate in the Clean Fuels for Schools Initiative.
Michael Bower, Fleet Maintenance Manager
With 45% of our emissions in the state of Ohio being vehicle emissions, EcoChem’s ability to impact it by 13% is tremendous. This is a prime example of environmental protection and business not having to be mutually exclusive.
Scott Nally, Ohio EPA Director